Shops At the Mall

The number of shops at Metro North Mall varied throughout the years. At the time of its closing in 2014, only two shops remained in the mall proper, GNC and The Wig Shoppe. As of the time of writing, Macy's that used to be part of the mall remains as a stand-alone store. Curiously the mall's old official website and directories often claimed Olive Garden and Red Lobster, though neither were in the mall itself and, while technically able to be walked to from the mall, were fairly far away from the majority of the mall and had their own parking lots. Both of these locations still operate as of the time of writing. At the peak, Metro North Mall had 150 operating stores.

Anchor Stores:

There were originally 4 anchor stores for the mall, they were:

  • Macy's (still standing, was The Jones Store from 1976 until 2006)

  • Dillard's (replaced the first Macy's that opened in 1976 in 1986 and operated until 2008)

  • JCPenny (1976-2008)

  • Montgomery Ward (1976-2001)